Unable to rename network connection when using netsh

Using Netsh for viewing Wireless Networks | EtherHex show filters - Shows the allowed and blocked network list. show hostednetwork - Show hosted network properties and status. show interfaces - Shows a list of the wireless LAN interfaces on the system. show networks - Shows a list of networks visible on the system. ip routing - Windows: Get the interface number of a NIC Since you know everything else about the adaptor, and since you are using Server 2008, you can (and should) just add your routes with netsh using the interface name: netsh int ipv4 add route / Use of the route command is generally deprecated in 2008+.

Sep 27, 2016

Using netsh WLAN show interfaces to Monitor Association

View wireless network profiles saved on your PC. Every time you connect to a wireless access point, …

Netsh IPSec usage At the command line, configure IPSec Security Policy through Netsh IPSec static. The precondition is that the IPSec service is turned on.An IPSec consists of one or more rules. A rule consists of an IP filter list and a corresponding filter operation. This filter list and filter can be … server 2012 Configure IP address using netsh command Mar 23, 2014 Using netsh WLAN show interfaces to Monitor Association