Telnet is a tool the only thing to learn is that as others pointed out if you are already within the telnet prompt, to establish a connection to an interactive non-encrypted port you would use open hostname port. Once the connection is established you have to be familiar with the protocol Smtp for port 25 and 465 connection (587 is an smtp over

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"cannot connect to, port 587: Connection

Install the telnet client if it isn't already installed on your computer. Click "Start," type "Windows … Send an Email Via Telnet : 3 Steps - Instructables Talking With Google's Smtp. 1 : Install telnet. You'll first need to install telnet with it's SSL support, to …

Troubleshooting: How to test the Google SMTP relay service

Troubleshoot Gmail SMTP Server Connection After turning on “Telnet client” for windows, run the following telnet test to connect to Gmail SMTP Server. Telnet Test on Windows 7 vista and XP: In XP, click Start –> Run and on Windows 7 and Vista click the Start Orb. In XP, enter “telnet … The SMTP Settings You Need to Access Gmail in Another