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Apr 07, 2018 · Windows Phone always worked well on a variety of hardware, but Microsoft launched low-cost devices in an identical push with just 256MB of RAM five years ago. Windows 10 Mobile’s Continuum feature. Hello all, I was wondering how many of you are still using a Windows Phone. My last windows phone was an HTC One M8 a couple of years ago. Since I carry 2 phones, one for work, I rather preferred my windows phone for my work phone. Using my iPhone with Windows 10 I recently bought a bluetooth device and im wondering if i can recieve calls on the pc instead of my phone? This thread is locked. If you are still using it, then this method will work for you. Else we will suggest using the above-linked guide. On your Windows 10 Mobile: Open Messaging App > Settings. Enable Send texts from all my Windows Devices. If you are using Multiple Windows Phone, go to Settings > System > About > Edit Phone Name.

My friends use android ONLY because they can download paid apps for free and have superbeam. But they don't see that all of it is of practically no use when it comes to phone using experience.

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