Best live distro: Knoppix Knoppix popularized the concept of the live CD of Linux that lets you run the entire operating system from the media, without installing anything to the hard drive.

The Best Linux Distros 2017 Ubuntu. Ubuntu is a Debian-based (Debian is a Unix-like computer operating system) Linux operating system and distribution for personal computers, smartphones, and network servers. Ubuntu powered by Linux, whose robust technology produces millions of servers worldwide. It performs under the GNU, and all of the 11 Best Linux Distros For 2020: Find Perfect Windows Dec 17, 2019 Best Linux Distros for 2017 – Linux & Me Feb 17, 2017

Linux-based operating systems are often used by developers to get their work done and create something new. Their major concerns while choosing a Linux distro for programming are compatibility, power, stability, and flexibility. Distros like Ubuntu and Debian have managed to establish themselves as the top picks. Some of the other great choices are openSUSE, Arch Linux, etc.

11 Best Linux Distros For Programming & Developers [2020

Jul 30, 2017 · All these Linux Distros have the same Linux Kernel at their core and you can choose from 15 best Linux Distros to match your exact needs. Whether you are a power user or a gamer, using a Linux Distro will offer tons of convenient and powerful features for you.

6 Best Linux Distributions for Beginners in 2020 May 20, 2020