Can You Get A Job With the CIA With a Military Degree?

How to Become a CIA Agent | CIA Agent Education Individuals who want to become CIA agents through the Inspector General must: Be United States citizens Possess a bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0 Must possess at least three years of criminal investigative experience focused on complex matters Here's what it's like to interview for the CIA - Business The job site where anyone can rate their workplace and give an inside look at how to apply and interview has a page just for the CIA, which currently has a rating of 3.6 out of five stars. More How the CIA Hires: 5 Most Important Interview Questions

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Job Postings. The CIA publishes career opportunities in 26 distinct areas including analysis, data science, information technology and support services. The agency regularly posts job vacancies to the public, and includes job descriptions and salary information.

May 09, 2019 · Given that the best and brightest (the kind the CIA looks for) are often entering college with unweighted GPAs of 4.5 and above I'm sorry to say I think your bad grades may be a problem for you.

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