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Again I think it's about 0.5Mbps (d/l), though some users connected to a BTWiFi-with-Fon witnessed speeds of 2Mbps. Anyway, as I pointed out above, this Hub has been prepped, so yes I do think Plusnet will become part of the Fon community, though when that is an unknown and only PN/BT will know atm. BT Wi-Fi Extender AC2600 (092657) | BT Shop BT Wi-Fi Extender AC2600 features. Works with all broadband providers. Extends the range of your existing wi-fi. Gigabit Ethernet port for connecting devices. Connects to your hub or router with the push of a button. Easy set up with lights to help choose the best position. Dimable LED lights. Secure auto-login to BT Wi-Fi hotspots |

Aug 07, 2019

Jul 04, 2017 "BTWiFi" vs "BTWiFi-with-FON" — Digital Spy The BTWiFi SSID is consistent on all of those but BTWiFi-with-FON is only one home hubs and BTOpenzone-B is only on business hubs. I am a fon user and as of recently I can't connect to any of the two business hubs I can receive at home, but I can connect to the home hub.

BTWifi-with-FON or BTWifi-x: which should I connect to

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