Sep 09, 2010 · You can't output vga from the ps3, or input component to a monitor, so it's gotta be HDMI. Most monitors don't have HDMI-input, but a lot of them have DVI input. You can convert HDMI to DVI with a simple, $5 cable because they are both digital signalsCheck your monitors specs and if it is HDCP-compliant, and has dvi or hdmi input, you can use

Mar 20, 2020 · Even you can connect the PS3 controller via Bluetooth. If you do so, then you don’t have to connect it with a USB cable to your Windows PC to play the game. So the question is how to use a PS3 controller on pc. The answer is here. Jun 20, 2020 · You may have also heard about MotioninJoya 3rd party software that lets you connect your PS3 controller to your PC. Nice tool with very bad seting’s and very not optimized. A War On Multiple Fronts. How to Use A PS3 Controller on PC? Safe and Easy Steps. If this reflects the buttons you press on the controller, congratulations! After the program is downloaded all you have to do is to plug the controller into PC and start playing. The most recommendable software needed to be downloaded so that your computer will recognize the PS3 controller. So follow the steps below, to easily connect the PS3 controller to your PC. Step #1: Hands on your Controller and Turn it on. Nov 11, 2013 · Your laptop would HAVE to have HDMI in. Not too many of them have HDMI in and most are HDMI out. Please see your manual(or read what the HDMI port says on the side) to determine if the laptop has HDMI in. 1) Connect your PS3 to your laptop with an ethernet cable. 2) Set your laptops ethernet IP to a static address, say 3) Set your laptops DNS to 4) On your PS3 wired connection setup, enter all the same numbers like in the laptop, except IP to

How to Connect PS3 Controller to PC Versions of Windows lower than 10 usually have a pretty easy time setting up different controllers. While unofficial controllers, such as Hama, can be installed simply by connecting them via USB to a computer connected to the Internet and waiting for the software to install.

How to Use a Laptop Monitor for a PS3 | Our Pastimes If your laptop does not have a TV input interface, you will need to buy a laptop TV input/TV tuner card and connect it to your laptop. These cards can be found for as little as $5. Connect your PS3 AV cables to your laptop’s TV input interface. Make sure that your AV cables match the type of input interface on your laptop.

How can I connect a gaming console to my laptop with a

Feb 14, 2009 · You can, however, take a usb hard drive and connect both your ps3 and your pc to it. There are usb drives that are made specifically for this kind of use, usually used by businesses and they tend to be called "drive F" on the network. You can make a shared partition on one that both the ps3 and pc can recognize. Only one Bluetooth headset can be registered (paired) to a PS3 at a time. If you wish to use another Bluetooth headset, you must un-register the previous headset from the PS3. You will see the message To register (pair), you will need to prepare the Bluetooth® device. For information on preparing the device, refer to the instructions supplied If you connect your playstation3 with laptop, then you can apply Tipard Screen Recorder to capture gameplay from PS3 on computer. You can record video and audio files in 100% original quality without any other noise. Thus, when you view playbacks, you can hear your voices and system audios clearly. Yes NO You need to connect your PS3 to to a Broadband internet and a Modem or router. Your computer is also connected to the internet. The PS3 must be connected with WiFi or ethernet cable to the Through USB connector user can connect laptop to ps3 Thats not wireless. i suggest setting up your media server on your laptop and searching for media servers on the PS3. Hope it works :)