Sep 16, 2016 · Step 1: Download the latest apk of Spotify from here (make sure that the variant is supporting your device). Step 2: Transfer the apk file to your Android device. Step 3: Install Spotify on Android and make sure that you are logged in to the Facebook app with the same account. Step 4: Open Spotify on Android and login with Facebook account.

Certain apps—like Spotify—have country restrictions, meaning you can't download them or sign up for their service if you're not in a certain country. Fortunately, it's surprisingly easy to Reinstall Spotify - Spotify Mar 31, 2020 The Ultimate Guide to Installing Incompatible Android Apps

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Get Spotify on Android Downloading apps from the Playstore is very easy but sometimes difficult, because of the similar looking apps and services. But, it is suggested to take note of the number of downloads, developer details and other details in case you get confused.

Jan 11, 2014 · So there is really simple way to accomplish accessing the Spotify app from outside the app store, as per following method. How To Install Spotify On Android Devices Outside US, UK For following test, I accessed the Spotify on my Google Nexus 7, from India using a VPN called Unotelly. I already had account there, and you can find free VPN