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Colorado Judicial Branch - Home - CO Courts Colorado Judicial Department opens application process for Eviction Legal Assistance Fund grants July 1, 2020. News Application period opens for Family Violence Justice Fund grants June 25, 2020. Fourth Annual Family Law Day in the Pikes State of Maine Judicial Branch: District Courthouse Directory District Court Judges. Hon. Jed J. French, Chief Judge Maine District Court 205 Newbury Street, First Floor, Portland, ME 04101 (207) 822-4269 . Hon. Rick E. Lawrence, Deputy Chief Judge

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Examples of how to use “judicial branch” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs The Judicial Branch | The White House Where the Executive and Legislative branches are elected by the people, members of the Judicial Branch are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate. Article III of the Constitution Three Branches of Government - HISTORY Sep 04, 2019 California Judicial Branch - CA_courts The judicial branch of government is charged with interpreting the laws of the State of California. It provides for the orderly settlement of disputes between parties in controversy, determines the guilt or innocence of those accused of violating laws, and protects the rights of individuals. The California court system, the nation's largest