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Music listed under artist with - Not sure how to get this fixed but I found an album from an artist that is actually listed under the wrong artist name. The album 'Underworld" buy "Vamps" which is a japanese band is being listed under the band "the vamps" which is a British band. Its kinda annoying as I like this album and it intro Music Genome Project Archives - Pandora Pandora’s musical curation is a big reason the site still stands out among competition from Spotify, Google, Apple, and YouTube. Professional music analysts listen to tracks and identify common elements, building the Music Genome Project that powers Pandora’s customized user stations. Pandora vs Apple Music: What's Your Preference? | Sidify

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The Hatch-Goodlatte Music Modernization Act was signed into law on October 11, 2018. The act has been termed a music industry peace treaty of sorts, as it is designed to address years of issues and compromise between music streaming technology companies, such as … Get Support - Pandora Trouble streaming Pandora on iOS Trouble streaming Pandora on Android . Ask the Community. For unique issues and always-on support, ask the Pandora Community! On the Pandora Community, you can get 24/7 personalized help from Pandora listeners, experts and employees.

Mar 29, 2018

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