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The names command will list all users in a channel and give their ranks beside them. Ops on a typical server are denoted with an @ beside their name, halfops with %, and voiced users with +, and owners are ~ (on some networks owners do not get a ~, they are just ops (@) with an extra mode set on them, +q, that gives them control of the channel).. Edit: There is a command /msg chanserv access # Undernet IRC Network - Servers Undernet Sponsors. We would like to thank the following organisations for helping to sponsor the Undernet and for providing the many different aspects used … QuakeNet IRC Network - Help What are the official channels? QuakeNet has 3 official support channels. These three and their functions are explained below. #help This is the number 1 channel for your questions. #help supports users with their IRC and QuakeNet related problems. Subjects outside these areas are guided to other semi-official (such as #advice) or unofficial Good IRC Channels for Media? : irc Jan 28, 2008